In 2009, the Galician designer Leticia Garnelo launches  POE.
Since then  the company  has been growing and evolving to form the team it is today. POE has a production department that works closely with the designer in the studio in La Coruña. A creative and professional team that managed to develop  the essence of the brand: a simple, fresh style with a romantic touch that gives it its unique identity.
Since its beginning, Poe has  committed to developing a production entirely made ​​in Spain, taking special  care in the preparation of the garments and using high quality  fabrics, such as , cotton, linen, silks etc. The majority of the fabrics are from Italy and France, the suede and goatskin are spanish. Poe is committed to quality artisan methods and these customs are reflected in the way they work day by day.
Poe seeks to respond to the needs of today’s women in all areas of life, hence,  confort and  versatility are key elements in their designs. It aims to dress women with different styles,in order to  adapt and combine their clothes to express their own personality, thus creating an extraordinary combination between traditional and present day wear.
This is what makes the label so unique.